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Frequently Asked Questions

1. How fit should I be to do the walk?
You should be moderately fit to do the three-day walk. Although there is no strenuous climbing, there are a few hills to ascend and descend. The first day is considerably longer about 18 km than the other two days, which are about 12 km and 10 km respectively.

2. Can I do a shorter and easier version of the standard 3-day/ 4-night Wellington Wine Walk?
Yes, a shorter and easier version of the standard walk can be arranged, where the longer first day (and night) is cut out.

3. What does it cost?
The price per person is dependent on a number of factors the main ones being group size and availability at guest houses. Please select contact us and click on the e-mail link to send us an e-mail requesting a quotation. If possible, please mention probable group size and when you would be interested in doing the walk.

4. How do I make a booking?
Once you have received a quotation from us, you can press the Bookings button and complete the form (either electronically and submit it, or print it, complete it manually, and fax it to us). Please note that this is a 4 night / 3 day walk, so your start date is actually the afternoon before you start walking.

5. What is the itinerary?
A detailed itinerary will be sent to you on confirmation of your booking.

6. How can I get more information?
You can contact us with your query by selecting contact us, and clicking on the e-mail link to send us an e-mail.





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